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Welcome to ShareILL!

ShareILL is a gateway to electronic and print resources pertaining to all aspects of interlibrary loan (ILL), document delivery, and resource sharing. Designed to be comprehensive and international in scope, ShareILL features links to resources that will help practitioners locate materials for their clientele, manage the ILL process, and keep up with developments in the profession.

Finding aids and verification tools. When you can't find what you're looking for in the usual places, look here. National libraries and archives are great resources for materials published in their respective countries and languages. Search gateways and union catalogs and online directories for links to specialized library and archival collections. If you need to verify a problem citation but don't know where to look, check our list of verification tools. Order materials directly from document suppliers or search their catalogs to verify problem citations.

Managing your operation. ILL practices are governed by a vast array of codes and guidelines which can be regional, national or even international in scope. Library networks and consortia often publish their own protocols or promote joint licensing agreements for their members. Systems, software and standards directs you to the home pages of vendors for bibliographic utilities, ILL management systems, and document transmission software. These systems are based on computer standards such as the ISO ILL Standard 10160/61 or the NISO Circulation Interchange Protocol (NCIP). The copyright and licensing page will direct you to sites where you can learn about copyright compliance and licensing restrictions or even pay royalties online. Marketing tools are another way to make your operation more visible to both internal and external customers.

Current awareness tools. Conferences as well as discussion lists and blogs are a great way to keep in touch with your colleagues and there are some excellent training tools available on the web. Professional associations often have sections or committees devoted to resource sharing concerns. Read up on the many projects and current initiatives underway all across the globe, or find out more through the print resources listed in publications.

Interested in contributing to ShareILL? Check out the Contributing and Editing section on the ShareILL:About page.